Two Cakes; What was I thinking? 

After a quiet-ish end to 2017 (with a house move thrown in) orders were picking up again and in January; I did something I hadn't felt brave enough to do since June the previous year. I had two cakes in one week. Both being collected within an hour of each other on the same day.


One design was laughably simple in comparison to the other. That being said, both had their own complications and had me scratching my head on more than one occasion.  


I equally loved both of these cake designs; the first a 60th Birthday Cake with a golfing theme, the second a replica make-up case, standing almost 13” tall!


After the initial confused state I had found myself in, the golf themed cake was completed without a hitch; and when it was collected, it was met with tears of joy.

The second Make-up Case cake took more time and patience than I could have anticipated. I loved the end result, as I am sure the birthday girl did, but it was a lot of hard work and late nights.


This cake was a lusciously soft lemon cake, and although amazing to eat; cutting and carving and stacking in this particular way was not easy. After 2 failed attempts of doing what I had originally planned, the cake almost got thrown out of the window!

Cue a swiftly made cup of tea from the husband and a mini pep talk, and we had come up with a solution, one that was much easier, and was staring me in the face the whole time. Have I mentioned this was after 11pm the night before collection?


Cake finally covered and stacked, the final decorations were added and I flopped in to bed, leaving a trail of icing sugar, cutters and coloured dusts behind me.


The following morning was spent cleaning in a dazed, zombie-like state, and feeling stressed and anxious about the customers’ reactions.


Once both cakes were collected with smiles and positive comments, it was time to flop on the couch before spending some much needed time with my little family.


Until the next cake…


All my love,


Erin x