We make a variety of sweet treats that will complement your cake order, turning your celebration in to an MBB over-load (no bad thing if you ask me!). These can be ordered separately too in varying quantities. 


Our much-loved cupcakes can be made in any of our flavours and can be decorated in a variety of ways; from a simple buttercream swirl, to elaborate fondant decoration, there is definitely something for everyone and every event. Prices start from £2.50, with a minimum order of 12. 


Who doesn't love a chocolatey, gooey mouthful? Click here to find out our extensive flavour list.


Our cookies can be shaped and decorated to match your theme and occasion. A great replacement for table settings they can be personalised and used for wedding and party favours too! Prices start from £2.50, with a minimum order of 20.


Exactly what they say they are - a buttery vanilla biscuit, filled with strawberry jam topped with a soft royal icing and a glace cherry. These are £2.00 each with a minimum order of 12.


A soft buttery biscuit, sandwiched with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream. These are £2.00 each with a minimum order of 12.


A cake-sicle, what's a cake-sicle? These little bites are an adults cake -pop! Covered in a smooth white chocolate, these little mini magnums are filled with a cake of your choice and can be lightly decorated to suit a theme.These are £2.00 each, with a minimum order of 12. 


Flowers and cupcakes rolled in to one; what could be better? These bouquets are very versatile and can be decorated to imitate a wide variety of flowers in buttercream. Perfect for birthdays, thank you's, and even hospital visits!

Prices are as follows:

£28.50 for a 7pc bouquet 

£38.50 for a 12pc bouquet

£48.50 for a 19pc bouquet

Other sizes are also available.