Purple Hearts

Purple Hearts

Wedding Cake Number 3 was also in November 2017, and was my furthest away delivery yet. Off to the lovely Eagles Lodge nestled in Bishopbriggs, a 3 tier cake and over 100 wedding favours safely made their way.

After my last fiasco with buttercream, I switched back to the genius that is white chocolate ganache. It helped my cakes stay in place and gave me my smoothest covering yet. Two tiers were covered in a crisp white fondant, and the third covered in a lovely dark purple to match the wedding colour scheme. The front had a cascade of white hearts with 3 in the same purple; one each for the bride, groom and their young daughter.

Alongside the cake, there were 150 mini cupcake favours. These little buggers seen me wide awake, almost screaming in frustration, til gone 3am the night before delivery. The following morning, they still hadn’t been finished. Due to the size of them, I had an unnecessary fear that they would start to dry out as soon as they left the oven. I was wrong of course, and they were absolutely fine – although I only found out this myself after I had completed the delivery (cue taste testing a few spares that were lurking in the kitchen).

The delivery itself was one of the longest I’ve had to date and it took me the best part of 1.5 hours to get there (driving at snail’s pace when I could get away with it).

As it was a Friday, I again had to tackle this delivery by myself and it was just as nerve wracking as it had been the week before.

All arrived safe and sound with no damages and once unboxed, I once more took a sigh of relief and stood back to study my work. All at once, the self-doubt crept back in, the disbelief sitting like a weight on my shoulders. A lack of sleep, food and any form of fluid in the last 24 hours contributed to the fact that I was nearly in tears as I reversed my car and drove out of the hotel car park.

The cake itself was, of course, perfect and exactly what was ordered.

The delivery of a wedding cake can be very overwhelming, and I think that feeling will always be there, whether it is my 20th delivery, or my 100th.

Again, I had done it, somehow.

And I couldn’t wait to do it all over again.

All my love,

Erin x

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